Questionnaire for clean energy experts

Questionnaire for clean energy experts

Let's define better instruments for clean energy together

Dear expert,

As an important player in clean energy Research and Development, nobody better than you knows what your industry and/or research sector needs to thrive. Like you, many energy technology researchers and providers are trying to answer similar Research & Development questions.


SMARTSPEND project believes that an important step to reach a greater impact consists on identifying the industry’s funding needs. How?

SMARTSPEND has prepared a 10 MINUTES QUESTIONNAIRE to know about your experience and knowledge regarding different funding programmes or organisations.

The results of the questionnaire will feed into a report which will provide an outlook of the industry’s funding needs. SMARTSPEND will share this report with key stakeholders and high-level policy makers in order to design together better funding instruments.
Take 10 minutes to fill in and submit our questionnaire by the 15th October at the latest!