SMARTSPEND's 3rd project meeting & next steps in 2020

On Tuesday 10 December 2019, SMARTSPEND’s partners met at the premises of The German Agency For Renewable Resources Sector (FNR) to discus about the status of the project and next steps.

The consortium is working on the reports ‘Map of funding instruments for energy innovation’ and ‘Analysis of industry funding needs’, which will be released in 2020. SMARTSPEND partners are also preparing the agenda of the conference on access to risk finance, foreseen by the end of 2020.

In the meantime, SMARTSPEND’s consortium continues presenting the project and the first published report,Overlapping interests: A description of the common Ground between Implementation Plans, during key events such as the latest SET Plan event on energy efficiency for industry, taking place on the 4th December, in Brussels. On this occasion, Capucine Vannoorenberghe, from SMARTSPEND partners, EASE, attended as representative of the project (see 2 images below).

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