SMARTSPEND’S reports, a valuable source of intelligence for the SET PLAN

SMARTSPEND’s consortium published in May 2019 its first project report, ‘Overlapping interests: A description of the common Ground between Implementation Plans’, prepared by CIRCE (available here and as a 2-page summary here). At the end of 2019, SET PLAN’s report ‘IMPLEMENTING THE SET PLAN. Progress from the Implementation working groups’ was published (available here).

In line with SMARTSPEND’s main goal to foster efficiency in allocation of public & private funding, this first report presents, in a concise and clear manner, the critical overlaps and synergies between the different Implementation Plans (also referred as “IMPLANs”) developed in the framework of the 10 Key Actions defined by the SET-Plan and outline suggestions to grasp these synergies. You can read more about the thorough methodology followed in the summary .

SMARTSPEND’s report identifies 23 technology synergies and 20 non-technology synergies. However, when observing the presentation of synergies reported by the SET PLAN, it seems to count fewer than SMARTSPEND for certain implementation working groups, such as the one on geothermal. 

We stand by our analysis believing, it is crucial to have a more holistic and inclusive approach. This sort of information is key because as SMARTSPEND’s consortium highlights with this first report: combining the resources dedicated to these and other identified applications could potentially bring important savings to the European Commission and Member States, while it would maximise the available budget and the synergies between the developments carried out in the different projects in this area.

SMARTSPEND’s full report is available here